Mysurvey Review: Best Paid Survey Site For You ( Update 2018 ) is the oldest and most popular survey panel who has started in 1946. They provide people with a simple and easy way to make extra money at home with their flexible time. This company generally offers the opportunity to make extra money for doing market research surveys, product testing and also webcam surveys.

Please keep in mind, My survey panel is just good for making extra money and rewards here and there. So, it will not replace your day job.

If you want to be a member, you have to do is go to their website, sign up as a member.

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What Is The MySurvey?

Operated By: Lightspeed LLC

Product Name: My Survey


Price: Free to join

Overall Rank: 40 out of 100 is one of the oldest survey panel website that started as a market research company. They had been gathering data from consumers in US, Canada, UK, France and even Malaysia since the 1940s. They were modified and launched to the online version in 2001 for the purpose of enable consumers to express their opinions online. Recently is operated by Lightspeed Online Research Inc. The company basically pays users to complete product opinion surveys.


How Can You Join?

If you are interested to join here as a member, start a create account. That’s totally free and just you have to need a working email address for sign up. Then you face some personal answers to a series of profile questions( as like as age, household information, income, country etc). They operate not the only US but they also operate in select countries that are:

How Can You Work With My Survey?

You will work here and earn points many ways;

Completing surveys– Surveys you could be on a wide range of topics and can be on buyer preferences, opinions about marketing and packaging decisions, your lifestyle almost anything.  If you will complete these survey, you are contributing towards making a real difference to the products you use every day.

Webcam surveys– It’s really an exciting new way for companies to gather information about feedback on videos, especially advertising. You will play these short videos with their webcam on and you comment your expression and reaction.

Product testing– If you will complete their paid surveys, you are welcome the chance to test products. Selected members are sent free products to try, in exchange for honest opinions about the product. You might find yourself testing products are available or not in stores.


How Much Money Can You Make with MyServey?

As a member, you can make anywhere between $0.5 to $1.25 per survey depending on the length. $1 equals to 100 points and you will need a minimum 1000 points($10) to redeem. Your earning depends on how many surveys are available,  how many surveys you qualify for and how many you can complete before expiring.

You can also make money through your referral commission and they pay you 150 points per referral. and are also as like as, where you also can make money. If you’re looking to earn a full time or part time income, you may want to check out,  50 Works at Home Based Jobs, & Best 99+ Online Jobs.

How Are You Paid?

You can redeem your points for cash through via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Tango gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Restaurant gift cards, Merchandise, Donations to charity or Sweepstakes entries that may be available when you redeem. It takes 4 to 8 weeks for your payout to arrive depending on which option you choose.

Signing Up

Visit their website to learn more and join MySurvey to start, simply click the link and follow the steps to register.

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